TasklyHub Integrates With
Microsoft OneDrive

TasklyHub Integrates With Microsoft OneDrive - OneDrive Logo

TasklyHub integrates directly with your Microsoft OneDrive account. You can attach files from Microsoft OneDrive directly to tasks and comments in TasklyHub.

Attach Files Directly From
Microsoft OneDrive To TasklyHub

About TasklyHub's Integration
With Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive file hosting platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsofts suite of Office products including Word and Excel.

With TasklyHub's integration with Microsoft OneDrive you can attach files directly to tasks and comments, saving space in your account and leveraging the additional collaboration features available across Microsoft's wider suite of products and services.

Learn How

TasklyHub Integrates With Microsoft OneDrive Instructions

How To Integrate TasklyHub With Microsoft OneDrive

  1. Create or Login to your TasklyHub account.
  2. Click "Add New" To create a new task.
  3. The "new task" window will open. Click "Attach Files".
  4. Select "Microsoft OneDrive" from the dropdown menu & login to your OneDrive account.
  5. Select the file you wish to attach.

You can also attach files from Microsoft OneDrive to comments in TasklyHub.

If you still require assistance please contact support.

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